Military veterans making a difference at fulfillment centers across the country

At Amazon, we have teams and programs dedicated to finding opportunities to train and employ military veterans and their spouses. Thousands of military veterans have found a home in Amazon’s fulfillment centers.
Amazon employs more than 17,500 veterans and military spouses in roles ranging from fulfillment center associates to corporate executives. In November 2017, Amazon announced a plan to hire 10,000 more veterans by 2021, and military recruiting teams are actively building programs across the company. What’s more, Amazon has been named a top military employer by G.I. Jobs magazine—for both veterans and military spouses.

The numbers and the accolades are impressive, but it’s the personal stories that really hit home. Below, meet some of the many veterans who are thriving at Amazon—leaders who think big, have a bias for action, and deliver results on behalf of customers and their fellow employees.
  1. Eric Antinucci

    When you hear Eric share his story about the work he did in Colombia to help save an impoverished community in a remote fishing village, you get a sense of the kind of person he is: selfless, driven, and determined to make the world a better place. The Army veteran has carried those values to Amazon, where he instills in his fellow employees the importance of following through on promises.
  2. Autum Becht

    She’s served in the Army National Guard, trained to become a combat medic specialist, assisted those in need following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and recently celebrated her six-year “Ama-versary” at Amazon. As a Regional Accommodation Consultant, Autum takes pride in helping fellow employees transition to civilian life.
  3. Derek Bossie

    Derek’s personal goal is to be challenged differently and intensely each day. He realized that goal, day in and day out, during his six-year tenure on active duty in the U.S. Army. Thanks to Amazon’s Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program, Derek continues to fulfill that personal goal, inspiring his teammates in Colorado to “make history” in their customers’ world.
  4. Joni Coci

    During Joni’s nine years on active duty, the U.S. Marine Corps motto was always in the back of her head. Today, as an Area Manager at Amazon, the motivational tenets of “First to Fight” continue to guide Joni, as she encourages associates to “raise the bar” each day.
  5. Joe Dudek

    The West Point grad has always been the kind of person who’s focused on achieving something bigger than himself. That’s precisely why Joe found Amazon to be an ideal fit after leaving active duty in the U.S. Army. In fact, he says the experiences he gained in the Army translate seamlessly to Amazon’s leadership principles and culture.
  6. Aaron Guarderrama

    As a platoon leader in charge of four Bradley fighting vehicles and 10 Humvees, Aaron did maneuver operations—but that's not how he described his background when applying for a position at Amazon. Coming out of the military, he knew he had incredible experience, but he also recognized the importance of tailoring his pitch to a civilian hiring manager.
  7. Andrew Johns

    After spending more than a decade in the Army, Andrew knows how to think quickly on his feet—a trait that has served this “man of faith” well since joining Amazon in 2018. Leading a diverse team in Baltimore, Andrew hopes to have a positive impact on everyone and in everything he does.
  8. Brandon McNaughton

    As a commander in the U.S. Army Special Forces, Brandon had days when he was interacting with high-ranking U.S. ambassadors and other days when he found himself in remote locations, jumping in to assist his team with hard, manual labor. This breadth of experience serves him well in his current role as a Seasonal Site Leader.
  9. Lee Nguyen

    At one point, Lee didn’t think it would be possible to have a full-time career and continue as an Officer in the U.S. Army Reserve. But once he joined Amazon, where plenty of employees take military leaves of absence, Lee realized that he could pursue both passions. Now, he’s able to use his vacation and PTO hours taking vacations with his family.
  10. Sarah Rhoads

    After serving her country for 12 years on active duty and continuing to serve as a Naval Reservist for the past five years, Sarah admits she was "a bit surprised" when Amazon first contacted her about a role in the company. Though she didn't have any industry experience, the lessons she learned in the military have served her well as a Regional Director of Operations.
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