The people who work here

Our fulfillment centers would be nothing without the people who work hard every day to ensure they’re running safely and efficiently. Whether we’re gearing up for Prime Day, packing gifts during peak holiday season, or engaging with local communities, our associates have proven time and again they’re the backbone of this company. We’re proud to celebrate our associates and everything they do to continue to make our fulfillment centers great places to work.
  1. Rita Stafford

    At age 49, Rita found herself in a position she never anticipated: bereaved, broke, and looking for her first-ever full-time job. It wasn’t until she found meaningful work at a fulfillment center in Lebanon, Tennessee, that Rita “started living again.”
  2. Julius Yu

    After quickly climbing the ranks to join the U.S. Army’s Special Operations unit, Julius decided to take a leap. Setting his sights on a career at Amazon, he enrolled in the Military Leaders Program. Today, he’s focused on a different kind of mission, as an Area Manager in Denver.
  3. Jamie Davis

    Though Jamie wanted to attend college, paying for it simply wasn’t in the cards. That’s why she doubled-down when she first heard of Amazon’s Career Choice. Thanks to the tuition-reimbursement program, Jamie now has a full-time job with the American Red Cross.
  4. Rick Reefer

    "I get mad, but I don't dwell on it," says Rick. He’s battled nine bouts of cancer and lost his beloved wife, so “mad” seems fitting. But at age 74, the retired business owner instead focuses on the positive, making each day count. At a sort center in Pittsburgh, Rick’s smile is infectious.
  5. Yesenia Gonzalez

    On every break at the Massachusetts fulfillment center where Yesenia works, she does the same thing: She calls her son Angelo to make sure he’s ok. At age 16, Angelo was diagnosed with cancer, and each day is a challenge for him as well as his single mom of three.
  6. Lydia Flanders

    Both Lydia and her husband were without work, struggling to provide for their three girls. Fast-forward just one year, and they both were working at Amazon, moving from seasonal to full-time employees before advancing to leadership positions in Chattanooga.
  7. Chris Ramos

    Take a look at the tattoo on the left side of Chris’ neck—it’s a silhouette of his three girls—and you’ll know what matters most to him: family. So when Hurricane Maria devastated his family in Puerto Rico, Chris stepped up. He credits Amazon and Career Choice for allowing him to do so.
  8. Andre Grass

    A teenage dropout, Andre didn’t have a high school diploma, let alone a college degree. But thanks to Amazon’s A2Tech on-the-job training program, at age 25, he’s making his family proud as an IT technician. “It was probably one of the biggest deals … in my life.”
  9. Jeremy Balkan

    “I like to say she’s my ears,” quips Jeremy. Deaf since birth, he’s referring to Leila, his pet-turned-service dog that comes to work with him each day. Accompanying Jeremy to meetings and alerting him to things he needs to know, Leila makes quite an impressive “employee,” herself.
  10. Josh Teeter

    When Josh, a U.S. Army veteran, accepted a position in a fulfillment center outside Reno, he thought it would be a short-term holiday gig. That was 14 years ago. Today, he’s not only still with the company, but he oversees multiple facilities across the U.S.
  11. Mindy Espidio-Garcia

    In March of 2018, Mindy’s young daughter Alana lost her brave fight against leukemia. During this difficult time, Mindy’s other “family”—her Amazon coworkers—supported her, delivering meals and covering shifts. “They surrounded me with love,” Mindy fondly reflects.
  12. Tim Bomke

    In 2005, Tim suffered traumatic injuries during an Army mission in Iraq. A year later, one of his legs was amputated. The Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient then made it his mission to help fellow wounded warriors. In 2016, Tim joined Amazon to advance this mission.
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