The game changed for Amazon in 2012 when we started introducing robotics into to our fulfillment centers. Our investment in robotics technologies has made things better for our customers and the people who work in our fulfillment centers. As an example, robotic drive units bring storage pods of inventory directly to our associates who easily pick customer orders and get them out the door. Today we have more than 100,000 of these drive units operating in 26 of our fulfillment centers around the world.

And our robotics innovations doesn’t end with the drive units; we also have robotic arms that lift and palletize totes in our fulfillment centers and robotic safety vests.

We are extremely proud of the technologies we have developed and deployed throughout our fulfillment centers. Innovation makes the work for associates more engaging, fun and efficient. For our customers, innovations help us keep our promises of faster delivery times, more selection of inventory and lower costs.