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How artificial intelligence helps Amazon deliver
An Amazon chief scientist explains how machine learning keeps Amazon warehouses humming. Continue Reading
Artificial intelligence
We start with the customer every time we invent. We have been working with applied AI for decades, but we are only in the beginning stages of understanding the true potential of AI, and how it can improve our lives and help solve big problems we face every day. We work on real customer problems that have a tangible impact on our world, and the benefits to customers are growing by the day.

StyleSnap will change the way you shop, forever

Just Announced at re: MARS 2019: Amazon’s StyleSnap is the latest innovation from Amazon Fashion.

Admiration, running, and AI

Meet the Ralf Herbrich, co-head of our Core Artificial Intelligence (AI) group.

Making AI more accurate

Amazon and University of Sheffield researchers make fact extraction and verification dataset publicly available.

"Alexa, speak slower"

Customers can now adjust the speed of Alexa’s speech.

Live from Las Vegas, it's re:MARS 2019

Updating live, with all the robots, drones, behind-the-scenes peeks, and more.

How AI will shape the future at re:MARS

Registration for Amazon's AI event for machine learning, automation, robotics, and space is now open.

Waking up a voice tech boom

From Ring to ecobee, a series of startups are innovating voice technology with the help of the Alexa Fund.

"Alexa, ¡Hola!"

Alexa can now speak Spanish in the U.S.
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