We have been working with advanced technology for decades, but we are only in the beginning stages of understanding the true potential of technology and how it can improve our lives and help solve big problems we face every day. Amazon is a company founded by computer scientists and developers, and increasingly propelled forward by the work of applied and research scientists from many fields. Our mission is to foster the opportunity to come together to share and learn from each other.

Around the world, we work to provide our customers with the best services, an outstanding customer experience, and compelling innovations that contribute to a stronger economy and a better society. We treat every day like Day 1 (the first day of Amazon), because we believe it’s just the start of what technology and the internet can do to improve lives. To succeed for our customers, we’re focused on thinking long-term and looking around corners. Together with our employees, customers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators, we are committed to building the best future for everyone.