Amazon in National Landing in Arlington, Virginia

The community has some of the best transit access in the country with three metro stations, commuter rail access, and Reagan National Airport within walking distance. It has a variety of hotels, restaurants, high-rise apartment buildings, retail and commercial offices.

It also has abundant parks and open space with sports and cultural events for residents of all ages throughout the year, not to mention world-class academic institutions that have produced strong local and regional talent – particularly in software development and related fields.

Amazon will be able to attract the top-tier talent that will help us innovate on behalf of our customers for years to come.

Our investment plan in National Landing
The average wage of new jobs at Amazon’s headquarters at National Landing will be over $150,000 annually.

More than half of the jobs will be in engineering, but there will be a wide range of other jobs, too. These will include sales, accounting and other office jobs. The project will also create thousands of jobs in construction and building services.

  • As we build our new headquarters, Amazon will invest approximately 2.5 billion dollars over the coming years and occupy between 4- and 8-million square feet of energy efficient office space.
  • In addition to our direct hiring and investment, the construction and ongoing operation of this headquarters will create tens of thousands of additional jobs and tens of billions of dollars in additional investment.
  • As a result of Amazon’s investment and job creation, an estimated incremental tax revenue of $3.2 billion is anticipated over the next 20 years.
  • Over the next decade, this project should generate more than $340 million in annual tax revenue for the Commonwealth.
  • The community and Amazon employees will benefit from the Commonwealth investing more than $200 million in infrastructure in the neighborhood, including Metro improvements, new access to Reagan National Airport and a better Route 1 experience.