10 things to do on Thursday

Welcome back to the fourth day of our Virtual Kids Week!
We hope you’ve brought your creativity, book-reading eyes, and a hearty appetite because we have another fun day planned. We’ll kick things off with a children’s book character who really likes cookies, before heading to the Woodland Park Zoo, where you’ll meet a much larger, real-life critter who prefers eating hunks of meat. Feeling hungry yourself? Save room for today’s ultimate s’mores recipe.
  1. Hungry for some fun with Mouse and friends?

    If you give a mouse a cookie, you’ll never know what’s next—but these two videos are sure to leave a smile on your face.
  2. How to transform real life into a cartoon

    Imagine discovering a story that was so epic, you felt like you had no choice but to spend five years of your life devoted to it. That’s precisely what happened to cartoonist Gene Luen Yang, as he explains in this video.
  3. The tigers at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo are a regal sight to behold

    Did you know that these wild cats can be trained to do special tricks? They’re happy to oblige, especially when there’s a spray bottle full of milk as a reward.
  4. Mac and cheese gets a makeover

    You really can’t go wrong with mac and cheese, but if you want to be the culinary hero of your family dinner table, dish up this homemade version instead.
  5. Discover how beautiful geometry can be

    With your own design and some fancy folding, a sheet of paper becomes a mesmerizing 3D structure. They’re the kinds of geometric shapes you’ll see at The Spheres.
  6. Let’s make a kid-tested, kid-approved snack

    Do you like crispy rice cereal treats? What about s’mores? If you like both of those desserts, we bet you’ll love a recipe that mixes them together in one ooey-gooey dish.
  7. Learn how to make a miniature comic book

    Believe it or not, all you need to make one is a single sheet of paper and a pencil, pen, or marker.
  8. Take a field trip to an Amazon fulfillment center

    After you (or a parent) clicks “buy” on Amazon.com, how does the item you purchased magically get to you? In a nutshell, it all comes down to humans and robots working safely, efficiently, and seamlessly together.
  9. Do what hasn’t been done before: “I am Leonardo da Vinci"

    This biography about one of the greatest painters of all time reminds us that the more questions you ask, the more answers you’ll find.
  10. Picture this: your ultimate dinner and dessert

    In this video, an instructor at Seattle’s Pratt Fine Arts Center shows how to use basic drawing and collage techniques to create a full meal.
Didn’t have time to complete all of today’s activities? No worries, because everything at the Virtual Kids Week is on-demand. Come back tomorrow for our last day of fun—just be sure to get a good night’s rest.

Virtual Kids Week activities are intended for children with involvement from a parent or guardian.
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