10 things to do on Tuesday

We have a full lineup planned for you, so let’s get to it!
Welcome to the second day of our Virtual Kids Week. We hope you had fun on day one making ramen, painting a rainbow, and coding what may end up being the song of the summer.
  1. Short, long, curly, straight… we think that your hair looks great!

    Author Heather Burris encourages all little girls and boys—she calls them princesses and princes—to rock their crowns with confidence. As she notes, that’s really where true beauty lies.
  2. The creator of Amulet shows how to design a graphic novel

    Do you like playing Minecraft or building with LEGOs? Kazu Kibuishi says that sketching novels is not unlike those popular pastimes. In this step-by-step tutorial, the award-winning illustrator walks you through how to design your very own graphic novel.
  3. Make a miniature living woodland village

    What is this magical place? Bring a tiny village to life with a few basic materials that you can probably find out on a walk through your neighborhood.
  4. Create your own Carnival mask (part 2)

    The first steps in creating your own Carnival mask included how to measure, design, and cut out the shape of your mask. Now comes the really fun part: finishing it and trying it on!
  5. Let’s eat! Make pizza hand pies with chef Tom Douglas

    The acclaimed Seattle-based chef and restaurateur teams up with his pal Michaela to whip up two different versions of a savory pastry that makes the perfect lunch.
  6. Bringing the zoo to you: all about Virginia opossums

    If you didn’t know much about these marvelous marsupials before, you’ll be an opossum professional after watching this video.
  7. The fun way to sing, play, and learn at home

    Amazon FreeTime Unlimited provides kids unlimited access to a world of content. These activities will give fans of Pokémon, Disney, and Ryan's World a day that’s jam-packed with fun.
  8. Time for an afternoon snack! Let’s make yogurt and berry parfaits

    Whether you serve them today or for tomorrow’s breakfast, these healthy and delicious treats will look almost too pretty to eat—almost.
  9. Learn how robots work

    What makes a robot a robot? See how experts at Amazon’s robotics lab develop and test these intelligent machines.
  10. Listen to Amazonians making beautiful music together

    Tune in to hear performances by the talented musicians of the Amazon Symphony Orchestra and the Amazon Winds ensemble.
That was yet another day of great family fun, don’t you think? We hope everyone will join us again If you’ve always wanted to whip up homemade OH mochi donuts, create bubbles out of dry ice, or paint a watercolor monotype, we have a feeling you’ll love the activities we suggest for Wednesday.

Virtual Kids Week activities are intended for children with involvement from a parent or guardian.
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