10 things to do on Wednesday

Welcome back to the third day of our Virtual Kids Week!
Do you have little ones at home who like Pete the Cat? What about slightly older kids who are really into cooking? Any teens out there who are obsessed with robots? If so, we’ve got a full roster of activities and entertainment for the whole family. First, let’s take a walk on the wild side…
  1. This wall is alive—for real!

    In this video from inside The Spheres, learn all about how this incredible 65-foot wall, made up of 25,000 plants, came to life.
  2. Learn how to make stress-relief balls at home

    In a matter of minutes, your kids can make a super-squishy stress ball that’s just as good as—if not better than—any you could buy.
  3. Color your favorite characters from "Pete the Cat," "Clifford," and more

    A surfing cat, a bike-riding moose, a fairy with her unicorn, and a smiling garbage truck are just some of the whimsical scenes that appear in this book of more than 20 coloring pages featuring popular characters from Amazon Kids Original series.
  4. Whip up a batch of OH mochi donuts in about 30 minutes

    What’s not to love about donuts?! As if these tasty treats weren’t terrific enough already, here’s a way for kids to help make delicious donuts that are gluten-free, with no frying required.
  5. Can you spot the hidden figure on every page?

    In this author read-along from the second book in the Candace series by Candace Cameron Bure, be on the lookout for a very important lesson, but also for Candace’s special friend Harry the hamster. He’s hiding throughout the picture book.
  6. An entirely different way to paint: watercolor monotype

    This simple process (with simply stunning results) requires no past printmaking expertise. Learn the basics in this 20-minute tutorial, and then let your imagination inspire you.
  7. Where there’s smoke, there’s… bubbles!

    In an experiment that’s equal parts science and fun, Kate the Chemist shows you how to make “smoky” bubbles using dry ice.
  8. Watch Ava, the face mask detection robot

    Developed by AWS, this robot can detect whether someone is wearing a face mask—and if it’s being worn correctly! In this video, you’ll see how Ava works.
  9. Make your own animals out of cardboard

    Did you know there's practically a whole zoo hiding in your recycling bin? A visual artist shows you how to bring out the animals in this video.
  10. Just in time for dinner, chef Tom Douglas shares his pot stickers recipe

    The renowned chef’s daughter joins him in this how-to video. They share a laugh as she recalls how her friends would react to the gourmet lunches her dad would pack her back in elementary school.
We hope today’s activity ideas left your family entertained, informed, inspired, and well-fed!

Virtual Kids Week activities are intended for children with involvement from a parent or guardian.
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