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Nurture growing minds
Pre-teens will enjoy participating in activities that fuel their budding passions.
Ages 10-13
Activities for this age group are purely recommendations from an education specialist. You are the best judge of your child’s interests and skill levels so please do not feel confined to only these selections.

How your Amazon package gets to you

After you place an order, here's what happens behind the scenes.

Meet one of the voices behind "Niko and the Sword of Light"

Tom Kenny plays Mandok in the show, but can you guess which other characters he voices?

Build an Alexa Skill with a Skill Blueprint

Follow along as Cami, Akersh, and their friend Sylvester learn about Alexa skills and build one together with Alexa Skill Blueprints.

An entirely different way to paint: watercolor monotype

This simple process (with simply stunning results) requires no past printmaking expertise. Instead, anyone can try their hand at creating a monotype masterpiece. Learn the basics via this 20-minute tutorial, and then let your imagination inspire you.

Cooking with chef Tom Douglas: Let’s make baked macaroni and cheese

You really can’t go wrong with mac and cheese. Even the boxed variety is sure to elicit smiles. But if you want to be the culinary hero of your family dinner table, dish up this homemade version instead.

Feeling restless? Try this 3-step series

Learn the basics of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

Create your own Carnival mask (part 1)

Using these easy techniques, you can make a colorful mask that would be perfect to wear to a Carnival celebration, to your next masquerade party, or simply when you’re hanging out at home. Let’s face it: that sounds pretty fun, right?

Create your own Carnival mask (part 2)

You've cut out your mask shape, so here's what to do to give your creation a little personality.

Cooking with chef Eric Tanaka: Let’s upgrade your instant ramen

Take some packaged noodles and a flavor packet, and in just a few minutes, you can have a steaming-hot bowl of pretty good ramen. But if you add a few handfuls of extra ingredients to your pre-packaged noodles, you’ll have a bowl of restaurant-quality ramen that’s so delicious everyone around the family dinner table will be begging for seconds.

Cooking with chef Tom Douglas: Let’s make pizza hand pies

The acclaimed Seattle-based chef and restaurateur teams up with his pal Michaela to whip up two different versions of a savory pastry that makes the perfect lunch.

How to create your own cartoon characters using everyday items

Every shape, no matter what it is, is a character waiting to happen.

How to make a miniature comic book

Picture this: a day in the life of you as a comics artist. In this project, your own characters will star in the bite-size book you create.

Cooking with chef Eric Tanaka: Let’s make fried rice

Join the Tanaka family in the kitchen as they fry up this classic Japanese-American dish.

Take a field trip to the future: inside an Amazon fulfillment center

As you’ll see in this virtual tour of a warehouse, with Amazon’s human and robotic powers combined, we are building tomorrow’s technology together.

Cooking with chef Tom Douglas: Let’s make pancakes

Calling all pint-size pancake lovers! Chef Tom Douglas and his helper Michaela are self-described “pancake professionals,” and they’re eager to share this recipe for the fluffiest flapjacks around.

Use everyday items at home to create postcards—two ways

What does shaving cream have to do with snail mail? You're about to find out.

Sculpting with sugar: how sweet it is

You know those fancy birthday cakes that have perfectly shaped (and perfectly edible) flowers on top? It turns out, with just a few ingredients and a little handiwork, you can create your very own sugar flowers to decorate cupcakes, cakes, and other baked goodies.

Where the wild things are: inside Amazon’s incredible greenhouse

This is where many of Amazon’s thousands of plants first put down roots. Inside the greenhouse building, pineapples, bizarre meat-eating plants, rare orchids, vanilla flowers, tropical pitcher plants, cinnamon trees, and tons of other plants all grow under one roof.

Wander the cloud forest inside The Spheres

The Spheres are unlike any building you've seen. Named for their round geometric shape, The Spheres look like three bubbles stuck together when seen from the outside. What do they look like inside? Come take a peek!

It’s DIY time! How to make stress-relief balls at home

In a matter of minutes, you and your kiddos can make a super-squishy stress ball that’s just as good as—if not better than—any you could buy. But be warned: The finished product is so fun and relaxing to play with, you may not want to put it down.

Cooking with chef Tom Douglas: Let’s make pot stickers

The renowned Seattle-based chef and restaurateur invites us into the kitchen to whip up a batch of shrimp and scallion pot stickers. His daughter Loretta, who stands in as sous-chef in this video tutorial, can’t help but chuckle as she recalls how her friends would react to the gourmet lunches her dad would pack for her back in elementary school.

Cooking with chef Eric Tanaka: Let’s make OH mochi donuts

What’s not to love about donuts?! As if these tasty treats weren’t terrific enough already, here’s a way for kids to help make delicious donuts that are gluten-free, with no frying required.

"World's Toughest Race" obstacle course

On your mark, get set, go! Create your own race based on the show.

Amazonians making beautiful music together

Tune in to hear performances by the talented musicians of the Amazon Symphony Orchestra and the Amazon Winds ensemble.

Making magic happen: Scenes from your package's journey

See the many people and machines that help bring Amazon orders to your doorstep.

DIY fabric painting: wear your art on your sleeve

If you’ve already mastered painting on paper, why not show off your brush skills by creating artwork you can wear?

Cooking with Pamela Hinckley: Let’s make hummus

Do you know what it means to “eat the rainbow”? Not only is it incredibly healthy for you, but it also couldn’t be tastier. In this tutorial, our guest chefs will show you how to make your own hummus, complete with a kaleidoscope of yummy veggies on the side.

Turn a cardboard box into a beautiful bouquet

Use these stencils to create three-dimensional summer flowers.
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