Fun activities for elementary-aged kids
Keep your kids learning while they have fun.
Activities for this age group are purely recommendations from an education specialist. You are the best judge of your child’s interests and skill levels so please do not feel confined to only these selections.

Snap to it! Swing by our virtual photo booth

Take a silly selfie or a sweet family pic to capture your very own (perfectly peculiar!) memory of the first-ever Amazon Virtual Kids Week.

It’s DIY time! How to make your very own sensory bag

This simple, low-mess project can be completed in minutes, and your kids will end up with a finished product that will keep them entertained all afternoon.

Cooking with Pamela Hinckley: Let’s make hummus

In this tutorial, our guest chefs will show you how to make your own hummus, complete with a kaleidoscope of veggies on the side.

Why you shouldn't worry about making mistakes when you draw

Pint-sized fans of “We Don’t Eat Our Classmates” and the “Mother Bruce” series will gobble up this step-by-step drawing tutorial from the author himself.

Watercolor painting offers a rainbow of possibilities

Every rainbow has seven colors, but this painting method gives you countless ways to personalize this art project.

Cooking with chef Tom Douglas: Let’s make pizza hand pies

The acclaimed Seattle-based chef and restaurateur teams up with his pal Michaela to whip up two different versions of a savory pastry that makes the perfect lunch.

How to create your own cartoon characters using everyday items

Every shape, no matter what it is, is a character waiting to happen.

How to make a miniature comic book

Picture this: a day in the life of you as a comics artist. In this project, your own characters will star in the bite-size book you create.

Take a field trip to the future: inside an Amazon fulfillment center

As you’ll see in this virtual tour of a warehouse, with Amazon’s human and robotic powers combined, we are building tomorrow’s technology together.

Cooking with chef Tom Douglas: Let’s make pancakes

Calling all pint-size pancake lovers! Chef Tom Douglas and his helper Michaela are self-described “pancake professionals,” and they’re eager to share this recipe for the fluffiest flapjacks around.

Use everyday items at home to create postcards—two ways

What does shaving cream have to do with snail mail? You're about to find out.

Sculpting with sugar: how sweet it is

You know those fancy birthday cakes that have perfectly shaped (and perfectly edible) flowers on top? It turns out, with just a few ingredients and a little handiwork, you can create your very own sugar flowers to decorate cupcakes, cakes, and other baked goodies.

Where the wild things are: inside Amazon’s incredible greenhouse

This is where many of Amazon’s thousands of plants first put down roots. Inside the greenhouse building, pineapples, bizarre meat-eating plants, rare orchids, vanilla flowers, tropical pitcher plants, cinnamon trees, and tons of other plants all grow under one roof.

So, wait—some plants eat meat?

How can a plant that's just sitting in the ground catch a flying bug? As you’ll see in this video, plants that are carnivorous, which means meat-eating, have surprising and clever tricks they use to capture insects.

Wander the cloud forest inside The Spheres

The Spheres are unlike any building you've seen. Named for their round geometric shape, The Spheres look like three bubbles stuck together when seen from the outside. What do they look like inside? Come take a peek!

It’s DIY time! How to make stress-relief balls at home

In a matter of minutes, you and your kiddos can make a super-squishy stress ball that’s just as good as—if not better than—any you could buy. But be warned: The finished product is so fun and relaxing to play with, you may not want to put it down.

"World's Toughest Race" obstacle course

On your mark, get set, go! Create your own race based on the show.

Making magic happen: Scenes from your package's journey

See the many people and machines that help bring Amazon orders to your doorstep.

Turn a cardboard box into a beautiful bouquet

Use these stencils to create three-dimensional summer flowers.

No dough needed: Let’s make pesto flatbread "pizza"

This quick and easy twist on a traditional pie will put dinner on the table in less than 20 minutes.

Candace, Candace, in your spring dress, how does your garden grow?

In this author read-along from the second book in the Candace series, be on the lookout for a very important lesson, but also for Candace’s special friend Harry the hamster. He’s hiding on every page—can you spot the cute little guy?

Like butterflies? Here's how you can invite some over

If you’re up for a fun, backyard DIY project, we’ve got just the thing for you. With just a handful of supplies and a little patience, you can create a pollinator garden. Before long, you’ll have butterflies and bees buzzing nearby, thankful for the natural environment you helped cultivate for them and other pollinators.

Up close and personal with bugs in The Spheres

How do you feel about bugs? Whether you think they’re gross or totally great, you might already know that some bugs, called pests, spell trouble for plants when they munch on them. But as you’ll learn in this video, other insects are garden heroes that come flying to the rescue.

Picture this: your ultimate dinner and dessert

What's for supper? Anything you want, in this easy collage project.

Make your own animals out of cardboard

Start thinking outside the box with this clever way to build your own 3D animal figures.

Make a miniature living woodland village

What is this magical place? Bring a tiny village to life with a few basic materials that you can probably find out on a walk through your neighborhood.

If you're "Lost," follow the scientific method to find your answer

Dorothy wants you to get out there and explore all the magic and science the world has to offer.

It’s DIY time! How to make your very own sensory bag

If you’re like most parents, you’re always on the lookout for at-home activities that empower your little ones to explore, create, develop new skills, and have plenty of fun in the process. This simple, low-mess project can be completed in minutes, and your kiddos will end up with a finished product that’ll keep ’em entertained all afternoon.

Bringing the zoo to you: all about the ambassador animals

At the Woodland Park Zoo, some of their most famous residents are known as “ambassadors.” That’s because they star in the zoo’s educational programs, offering visitors a chance to get up close and personal with the remarkable animals.

Bringing the zoo to you: all about Virginia opossums

If you didn’t know much about these marvelous marsupials before, you’ll be an opossum professional after watching this video.

Bringing the zoo to you: all about bears

Did you know grizzlies and black bears can smell food from as far away as 20 miles? You better stow away your snacks (and watch this video to learn more fun facts)!

Bringing the zoo to you: all about greater one-horned rhinos

Did you know that a fully grown rhinoceros can weigh up to 6,000 pounds? That’s about the weight of two cars!

Build an Alexa Skill with a Skill Blueprint

Follow along as Cami, Akersh, and their friend Sylvester learn about Alexa skills and build one together with Alexa Skill Blueprints.

Bringing the zoo to you: all about tigers

With their gorgeous striped coats and powerfully large teeth, tigers are a regal sight to behold. Did you know that these wild cats can be trained to do special tricks? They’re happy to oblige, especially when there’s a spray bottle full of milk as a reward.

How to make your own colorful slime

Follow the easy steps below to quickly make your own batch of slime with ingredients found around the house. You can also personalize your slime using glitter, washable paint, food coloring, confetti, and more! It’ll only take about five minutes, plus cleanup time

Have a ball: Let’s make cranberry-almond no-bake energy bites

Packed full of protein and good-for-you ingredients, these tasty treats will be ready in less than an hour. (And we have a hunch it’ll take your family even less time than that to wolf down the entire batch.)

Fruity fun: Let’s make yogurt and berry parfaits

Whether you serve them for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, these healthy and delicious treats will look almost too pretty to eat—almost.

Go behind the scenes and sing along with the gang from "Tumble Leaf"

A bouncy, upbeat tune and a making-of documentary welcome you inside the sweet world of this animated show for preschool kids.

Short, long, curly, straight… we think that your hair looks great!

Self-published author Heather Burris encourages all little girls and boys—she calls them princesses and princes—to rock their crowns with confidence. As she notes, that’s really where true beauty lies.

If dogs and cats could talk, what would they say?

Inspired by a beloved storybook from her childhood and her adopted pooch Harry, Allyn Howard penned her own book about dogs and cats called "What They Said."

Quick! Can you protect the castle from the dragon?

Cloud Kingdom is under attack. Amazon Web Services hopes you’ll accept their mission to help shield the palace from danger.

More than a fairy tale: What modern-day princesses (and princes) should know

Once upon a time, there was a princess who learned she could be anything she wanted to be. With determination and plenty of hard work, she created her own future, and lived happily ever after!

The story of Amazon's first office dog, Rufus

If you love pups, this video and mini coloring book are for you!

Keep cool, keep kind, and keep rocking with Pete the Cat

When Pete and his crew start singing, kids (and grown-ups, too!) can’t help but tap their toes and nod their heads along to the groovy tunes. Some of the people behind the musically driven series recorded a few songs that should sound familiar to all you Pete fans out there.
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