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Amazon: learn and be curious
Every day at Amazon, we build new products and services on behalf of our customers. Feeling curious, yourself? Learn more about our work and how we use our curiosity in everything we do.

Ages 10-13

Meet one of the voices behind "Niko and the Sword of Light"

Tom Kenny plays Mandok in the show, but can you guess which other characters he voices?

Ages 9 and older

Can you code an Amazon Hercules robot to deliver a gift to a friend?

In this virtual learning experience, students learn the basics of computer science while uncovering the miraculous ways goods are delivered at Amazon.

Ages 5-9

Turn a cardboard box into a beautiful bouquet

Use these stencils to create three-dimensional summer flowers.

Ages 5-9

Go behind the scenes and sing along with the gang from "Tumble Leaf"

A bouncy, upbeat tune and a making-of documentary welcome you inside the sweet world of this animated show for preschool kids.

Ages 14 and older

Thinking about your future career? Here are some tips we use when hiring people at Amazon

Whether you’re planning for a fall internship or hoping to secure your first job, good interview skills are critical. Refine them with these tips.

Ages 5-9, ages 10-13, ages 14 and older

Build an Alexa Skill with a Skill Blueprint

Follow along as Cami, Akersh, and their friend Sylvester learn about Alexa skills and build one together with Alexa Skill Blueprints.

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

Fun activities you can do at home with your family today

A scavenger hunt and homemade slime will keep everyone entertained for hours.

Ages 14 and older

Working to help protect the planet, one coffee cup at a time

Devised with sustainability in mind, an RFID cup counter encourages less waste at an Amazon office.

Ages 14 and older

Turning door sensors into a puzzle

One door closes, another door opens onto a sensor-based game using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its cloud technology.

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

More than a fairy tale: What modern-day princesses (and princes) should know

Once upon a time, there was a princess who learned she could be anything she wanted to be. With determination and plenty of hard work, she created her own future, and lived happily ever after!

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

Color your favorite characters from "Pete the Cat," "Clifford," and more

Download this printable coloring book featuring Amazon Original series.

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

Keep cool, keep kind, and keep rocking with Pete the Cat

When Pete and his crew start singing, kids (and grown-ups, too!) can’t help but tap their toes and nod their heads along to the groovy tunes. Some of the people behind the musically driven series recorded a few songs that should sound familiar to all you Pete fans out there.

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

Have a smashing good time with "The Stinky and Dirty Show"

Why would you want to be fresh and clean when being stinky and dirty is so much fun?

All ages

This Amazon box is made with less material—and it's still great for building forts

When you get a package, don't throw the box away just yet. There are plenty of fun ways to give it new life before it hits the recycling bin.

Ages 10-13, ages 14 and older

"Just Add Magic" to these real recipes you can make at home

These concoctions probably won’t have the otherworldly effects you see on the popular show, but they're still tasty treats.

Ages 10-13, ages 14 and older

How your Amazon package gets to you

After you place an order, here's what happens behind the scenes.

All ages

Making magic happen: Scenes from your package's journey

See the many people and machines that help bring Amazon orders to your doorstep.

Ages 10-13, ages 14 and older

Watch Ava, the face mask detection robot

This clever robot isn't fooled by a forearm over the face in place of a proper mask.

Ages 5-9, ages 10-13

Take a field trip to the future: inside an Amazon fulfillment center

As you’ll see in this virtual tour of a warehouse, with Amazon’s human and robotic powers combined, we are building tomorrow’s technology together.

All ages

"World's Toughest Race" obstacle course

On your mark, get set, go! Create your own race based on the show.

Ages 14 and older

Learn how robots work

What makes a robot a robot? See how experts at Amazon's robotics lab develop and test these intelligent machines.

Ages 5-9, ages 10-13

If you're "Lost," follow the scientific method to find your answer

Dorothy wants you to get out there and explore all the magic and science the world has to offer.

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

Hungry for some fun with Mouse and friends?

If you give a mouse a cookie, you’ll never know what’s next—but it’s sure to leave a smile on your face.

Ages 10-13, ages 14 and older

Quick! Can you protect the castle from the dragon?

Cloud Kingdom is under attack. Amazon Web Services hopes you’ll accept their mission to help shield the palace from danger.
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