Fun activities you can do at home with your family today

A scavenger hunt and homemade slime will keep everyone entertained for hours.
You've already played your favorite video game, worked on that puzzle, and read your newest book—twice. With all of us staying home more than usual, everyone is looking for something different to do. And the Families@ affinity group has ideas! Here are a couple activities that will keep anyone age 3 and up (plus a supervising grown-up) happily occupied.
  1. Time for a scavenger hunt!

    Below is a simple indoor scavenger hunt based on one of our favorite Amazon words... P R I M E ! See how quickly you can find these five types of things at home. Depending on how sharp your eyes are, you might be able to find everything even faster than the five minutes allowed.
  2. How to make your own colorful slime

    Follow the easy steps below to quickly make your own batch of slime with ingredients found around the house. You can also personalize your slime using glitter, washable paint, food coloring, confetti, and more! It will only take about five minutes, plus cleanup time.
About Families@Amazon
The Families@Amazon affinity group's primary purpose is to unite all groups focused on human caregiving under one umbrella. We exist to share knowledge, foster career growth, and cultivate community connections among families, while advocating for policies that help make Amazon a great place to work.

In addition to Families@Amazon, there are 11 other affinity groups dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion, strengthening networking and community participation, and advocating for policies and support that make Amazon a better company for all. See our affinity groups page for more information.
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