Join Fig and friends as they sing along to a Tumble Leaf tune! Tumble Leaf is an Emmy Award-winning animated series for preschoolers, set in a whimsical land where a blue fox named Fig plays and discovers adventure, friendship, and love around every bend in the path. As the song goes, "It's a beautiful day in Tumble Leaf, so much to learn, so much to see." Click below and sing along.

Tumble Leaf sing-along

Making Tumble Leaf: Building a magical world

In this next video, the people who work on Tumble Leaf talk about all the love that goes into creating this stop-motion animated show. Whether it’s an animator brushing the hair on Fig's tail to make it move just right or an attentive painter who adds shadows and detail to each figure, you can tell that everyone on the set truly cares. Get a fascinating inside view of how the show's creators build the foundations of the characters and the set. You might be surprised at just how realistic the island of Tumble Leaf feels.

Part one of making Tumble Leaf

Making Tumble Leaf: "Let me figure this out"

Part two of this making-of documentary shows how the Tumble Leaf crew members work to achieve feature film quality on a TV schedule. Often, that means solving problems on the fly and invoking Fig's motto, "Let me figure this out." That's no small feat when you consider the show involves 20 different stages, all of them miniature worlds that are broken down and built up within days!

Part two of making Tumble Leaf

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