The Stinky & The Dirty Show theme song

Stinky and Dirty have big appetites... appetites for garbage and digging! Based on the children’s books I STINK! and I’M DIRTY! by Jim and Kate McMullan, this Amazon Prime Video series follows the adventures of best friends and unlikely heroes Stinky the garbage truck and Dirty the backhoe loader. When this dynamic duo get themselves into some tough situations, the hilarious pair rely on resourcefulness, learning that when things don’t go as expected, asking “what if” can end up leading to success.

Singer-songwriter and prolific composer Dan Bern writes the music for the original series, including the short and sweet theme song. In this video, Dan and his daughter Lulu sing their renditions of the theme as well as a song about the buoys. When they’re sitting out in the harbor, those buoys sure have a funny way of talking. As you’ll learn in the video, it turns out they can say only one word. Find out what it is and “ding” along with Dan and Lulu.

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