Fulfillment and delivery process flow 

You can find hundreds of millions of products on Amazon.com, so it seems almost like magic when that toy or game you picked from all of the possibilities on the website shows up on your doorstep with astonishing speed. In this quick, animated primer, you'll see exactly how that happens.

The whole process starts with what you buy—let's say it's a game. The game might come from a small business not very far from you, or it might come from a big company that has locations all over the world. Either way, your game travels via land, air, or sea to Amazon buildings called cross-dock nodes, or IXDs.

From the IXD, trucks bring your game to a fulfillment center, which is where Amazon keeps all of the products it has to sell. There are more than 175 of these fulfillment centers all over the world. The fulfillment center is where your order goes, sending your game on its journey directly to you with the help of associates who fill the package and put your address on it. Watch the video to see what happens from beginning to end, including how packages might come to you in the future!

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