On Just Add Magic, which is available on Amazon Prime Video, Kelly Quinn and her two best friends find Kelly's grandmother's cookbook in the attic and discover some strange recipes that turn out to be magical. While the recipes below might not guarantee truth-telling or help you find something that's lost, they are easy and delicious, so get out your measuring cups and stir-up these miraculous recipes!

Just Add Magic - Carrot Duplicake

Carrot Duplicake
"To have your cake and eat it too, don't double the cake, just double the you." This cloning-themed dessert features two layers of deliciously moist cake and creamy frosting. A coating of walnuts provides the finishing touch.

Just Add Magic - Pay Attention Potato Chips

Pay Attention Potato Chips
You won't be able to ignore these herb-laced potato chips, which you bake in the oven for a snack that's far healthier and more delicious than anything you'd buy in the store.

Just Add Magic - Preserve a Memory Fruit Preserves

Preserve a Memory Fruit Preserves
"Make room in your mind to remember for all time" this blueberry jam, which goes great with toast.

Just Add Magic - Give Up What You Want Gumdrops

Give Up What You Want Gumdrops
"When you eat a gumdrop or two, say goodbye to belongings and greed. For when you give up what you want, you might just get what you need." We will gladly make the trade for these sweet, colorful candies.

Amazon Studios - Just Add Magic Recipes- Come Back Kombucha Tea

Come Back Kombucha Tea
"When life around appears to wither, allow two drops of elixir…" Well, go ahead and take more than two drops. After all, this potion is good for you!

Just Add Magic - Extract the Magic Mac 'n Cheese

Extract the Magic Mac N' Cheese
Three kinds of cheese make this macaroni-based classic extra magical.

Just Add Magic - Track Fluffy Cookies

Track Fluffy Cookies

A secret, pillowy ingredient at the center of these cookies makes them worth tracking down before they're all gone.

Just Add Magic - Bitter Truth Truffles

Bitter Truth Truffles
These deeply chocolatey truffles, which are rolled in cocoa powder, look and taste sophisticated but are deceptively easy.

Just Add Magic - Solve the Clues-Cous

Solve the Clues-Cous
"Don't be fooled by a picture that's big. Even the largest trees are made up of twigs." When you're finished solving mysteries, this flavorful couscous makes a rewarding lunch or dinner.

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