Based on the bestselling picture books by James Dean, this Amazon Original series follows Pete and his pals Callie Cat, Grumpy Toad, Sally Squirrel, Emma the Pug, and Gustavo the Platypus as they go on adventures, sing, and rock out to Pete’s way of life. Whether he’s making new friends or simply facing the ups and downs life throws his way, Pete always stays positive and open to trying new things. We could all learn a thing or two from Pete, don’t you think?

It turns out the coolest blue cat in town has some pretty cool human friends, too—and those friends have some seriously good tunes and some really impressive talents that they’d love to share with you!

KT Tunstall sings "Let It Slide"
The Scottish singer-songwriter lends her voice to the character Catalina and to Pete the Cat’s star-studded soundtrack. In this single, she reminds you that when things get you down, keep this in mind: "Everything changes, and nothing’s the same for too long." And if something isn’t all that important, you can always just let it slide!

KT Tunstall - Let It Slide 

Django Marsh sings "Just Gotta Be You"
In the show, Django Marsh plays Bob, Pete the Cat’s brother. In this video, the voice actor and guitarist plays his favorite Bob song, "Just Gotta Be You." This number isn’t just catchy, it also offers an important lesson: "You’ll never be happy being somebody else… You gotta be you!"

Django Marsh - You Gotta Be You

Tom Freund sings "Lend a Hand"
Do you know what happens when you lend someone a hand? According to the song’s lyrics, "Joy will spread like butter on bread." In this video, the singer-songwriter who plays Gustavo’s Papi shares his rendition of this sweet and uplifting tune.

Tom Freund - Lend a Hand 

Jeff "Swampy" Marsh sketches Pete the Cat playing the guitar
You can tell that the show’s executive producer is pretty familiar with Pete—so familiar, in fact, that he can draw the friendly feline in just a few minutes’ time. Once you’ve watched this video, grab a pencil and a sheet of paper to sketch your very own version of Pete. As Jeff "Swampy" Marsh explains, Pete’s eyes should be big, and his ears should look like two slices of pizza. Oh, and don’t forget to add whiskers and a tail!

Swampy draws Pete the Cat playing guitar

Bonus video of Pete the Cat!
Pete and his pals would like to remind you to do something. It’s very important, it’s simple to do, and it requires just one thing: soap. Can you guess what it is? Watch the video and lather up like Pete!

Wash your hands with Pete the Cat

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