Amazon Fishbowl - Delanda Coleman reads "More Than a Princess"

After spending more than a decade working in marketing as a businesswoman and technology pioneer, Delanda Coleman was inspired to write a children’s book following the birth of her daughter. Through her first picture book, More Than a Princess, Delanda hopes to inspire young Black girls and boys to explore the important concepts of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) and pursue their life’s passions, wherever that may take them.

In this video, the author first chats with Maris, the daughter of Amazon’s Mark Hatcher. After their sweet discussion about what it means to be a princess, the author invites us to join her as she reads More Than a Princess. When we first meet the main character, Princess Kiana, she’s dreadfully bored with her life. She feels stuck inside her castle, but she’s eager to learn what exciting things might await her beyond its walls. Kiana’s fairy godmother sweeps in just in time to show the princess all the amazing things she can do.

The fairy godmother teaches Kiana what it’s like to be an astronaut, a doctor, an engineer, and an artist. And best of all? As long as Princess Kiana is hardworking, passionate, and determined, she can grow up to be any of those things—and so much more!

As Kiana is reminded throughout the book, “You wouldn’t believe all the things you can do. Nothing can stop a smart princess like you!”

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