An obstacle course is a great way to be active, flex your creative muscles, and work together by using everyday items. Inspired by the World’s Toughest Race: Eco Challenge—coming to Amazon Prime Video August 14—here's how to create your own competitive racecourse made up of several stations. Each station has its own unique challenge, resulting in the ultimate at-home adventure.

Get ready to set up your course:

1. Choose a location such as your lawn, a local park, or inside your home.

2. Examine the area to clear any sharp furniture, loose materials, and objects in the way. If you're outdoors, note slopes, sinkholes, or useful features for stations.

3. Gather items easily found around the house, including:

  • Things to balance on: extra pieces of wood, long objects, masking tape
  • Things to crawl under or through: a play tunnel, sheet, cardboard box
  • Things to jump over: cushions, ropes, toys, hula-hoops, chalk drawings
  • Things to throw, carry, or race: balls, cans, buckets, laundry bins, bags

4. Create a start and finish line, then set each station, and test the course.

5. Have everyone wear proper footwear, and get into character or costumes based on a team or concept; for example, participants can represent different countries to learn more about our wonderfully diverse world.

Set up your obstacle stations:

1. BALANCE BEAM: Find a steady piece of wood or a plank, or create a taped line to walk along.

2. ARMY CRAWL: Build a play tunnel with large cardboard boxes, or secure a taut sheet to crawl under and through.

3. JUMP CHALLENGE: Place objects for racers to jump through, over, or from. Options include cushions in a line to hop from or over, hula-hoops, or chalk-drawn circles in a line to hop through. You could also have a rope to jump over or complete a number of jumps with.

4. TARGET PRACTICE: Assemble a target to aim at. Options include tossing balls or homemade bean bags into a basket, knocking down a stack of cans or bottles set like bowling pins, or throwing water balloons into a bucket.

5. STRENGTH & PRECISION: Provide an object to walk with or carry. Options include dragging a heavy bag across the room, or walking with an egg or ping pong ball in a spoon.

6. AGILITY & SPEED: Create obstacles to overcome as everyone races to the finish line. Options include tossing balls at them to dodge, crab-walking as fast as they can, or a sack race in pillow cases.

Once everyone has had a turn, hand out prizes or treats for completing the course. For round two, take a turn at the course in reverse and start at the finish!

Virtual Kids Week activities are intended for children with involvement from a parent or guardian.