Want to create a silly story, sci-fi adventure, or a fairy tale like Sylvester? Below we’ve outlined the steps to takeand remember, if you're doing this on your own, you'll need a parent or guardian to help you complete this.

  • First, go to blueprints.amazon.com.
  • Once there, select one of the Storyteller templates. Cami, Akersh, and Sylvester started with the Fairy Tale template and then wrote their own story. You can write your own story, too, or just play with the one that's already there!
  • Your story must include at least 3 blanks, 3 pauses, and 3 sound effects or expressions. Go ahead and add them now, and push "Next" when you're done.
  • Give your Blueprint a name, and push "Next" when you've thought of a great one.
  • For this step, find your parents or guardians, sit down with them, and login. Once you are logged in, you should see a message that your skill is building!
  • Give your skill a try! You can play with your skill by finding an Alexa device at home and saying, "Alexa, open my fairy tale." If you gave your skill a different name earlier, use that! If you don't have an Alexa device at home, you can go to www.echosim.io with your parents or guardians, login, and try it out there!
  • Congratulations! You should now know a little bit about how Alexa works, what "the cloud" is, and how to use variables, pauses, and sound effects to teach Alexa how to tell a story. You can build as many blueprints as you want!

Virtual Kids Week activities are intended for children with involvement from a parent or guardian.