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Paint, draw, build, and sculpt
Whether you're just starting out or fine-tuning your talent, everyone can be an artist!
Arts and crafts
Ready to unleash your creative side and have lots of fun? Our videos and guides will help you make jewelry, build sculptures, and even produce your own mini comic.

Ages 5-9, ages 10-13, ages 14 and older

Sculpting with sugar: how sweet it is

You know those fancy birthday cakes that have perfectly shaped (and perfectly edible) flowers on top? It turns out, with just a few ingredients and a little handiwork, you can create your very own sugar flowers to decorate cupcakes, cakes, and other baked goodies.

Ages 5-9, ages 10-13

Watercolor painting offers a rainbow of possibilities

Every rainbow has seven colors, but this painting method gives you countless ways to personalize a very special art project.

Ages 5-9, ages 10-13

How to make your very own bead bracelet

Learn how to make a colorful and stretchy bracelet in just a few minutes, plus get tricks to make bracelet-beading easier for little or aching hands.

Ages 5-9

Make a miniature living woodland village

What is this magical place? Bring a tiny village to life with a few basic materials that you can probably find out on a walk through your neighborhood.

Ages 10-13, ages 14 and older

Make your own soft sculpture (there’s nothing hard about it!)

Stencil, stitch, stuff, and paint your way to creating a perfectly imperfect, unique-to-you, 3D work of art.

Ages 10-13, ages 14 and older

DIY fabric painting: wear your art on your sleeve

If you’ve already mastered painting on paper, why not show off your brush skills by creating artwork you can wear?

Ages 10-13, ages 14 and older

An entirely different way to paint: watercolor monotype

This simple process (with simply stunning results) requires no past printmaking expertise. Instead, anyone can try their hand at creating a monotype masterpiece. Learn the basics via this 20-minute tutorial, and then let your imagination inspire you.

Ages 5-9

Make your own animals out of cardboard

Start thinking outside the box with this clever way to build your own 3D animal figures.

Ages 10-13, ages 14 and older

Create your own Carnival mask (part 1)

Using these easy techniques, you can make a colorful mask that would be perfect to wear to a Carnival celebration, to your next masquerade party, or simply when you’re hanging out at home. Let’s face it: that sounds pretty fun, right?

Ages 10-13, ages 14 and older

Create your own Carnival mask (part 2)

You've cut out your mask shape, so here's what to do to give your creation a little personality.

Ages 5-9, ages 10-13

How to create your own cartoon characters using everyday items

Every shape, no matter what it is, is a character waiting to happen.

Ages 5-9

Picture this: your ultimate dinner and dessert

What's for supper? Anything you want, in this easy collage project.

Ages 5-9, ages 10-13

How to make a miniature comic book

Picture this: a day in the life of you as a comics artist. In this project, your own characters will star in the bite-size book you create.

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

Color your favorite characters from "Pete the Cat," "Clifford," and more

Download this printable coloring book featuring Amazon Original series.

All ages

This Amazon box is made with less material—and it's still great for building forts

When you get a package, don't throw the box away just yet. There are plenty of fun ways to give it new life before it hits the recycling bin.

Ages 5-9

Turn a cardboard box into a beautiful bouquet

Use these stencils to create three-dimensional summer flowers.

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

Fun activities you can do at home with your family today

A scavenger hunt and homemade slime will keep everyone entertained for hours.

Ages 10-13

Make a lasting impression with a DIY summer memories garland

Save your fondest memories of the summer season in a beautiful, handmade garland that you can hang in your room.

Ages 5-9, ages 10-13

Use everyday items at home to create postcards—two ways

What does shaving cream have to do with snail mail? You're about to find out.

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

Jeff "Swampy" Marsh sketches Pete the Cat playing the guitar

The creative force who helped bring the coolest blue cat in town to the screen shows how he draws a pretty snazzy version of Pete in just a few minutes’ time.
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