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From read-alongs to sing-alongs
Listen to authors and watch performances of favorite songs.
Books, music, and more
Learn how to draw your very own graphic novel, settle in for story time with children’s book authors, join sing-alongs, and listen to special performances.

Ages 5-9, ages 10-13

Why you shouldn't worry about making mistakes when you draw

Pint-sized fans of “We Don’t Eat Our Classmates” and the “Mother Bruce” series will gobble up this step-by-step drawing tutorial from the author himself.

Ages 5-9

Let your passion take flight: “I am Amelia Earhart”

Ages 14 and older

A visit with “One of Us Is Lying” author Karen McManus

Likened to “The Breakfast Club” and “Pretty Little Liars,” the page-turner “One of Us Is Lying” has a cult following among young adult readers. Years after her debut novel took up permanent residence on a variety of bestsellers lists, Karen McManus says seeing the overwhelming response feels “surreal still.”

Ages 10-13, ages 14 and older

Illustrating a point: Amulet creator shows how to design a graphic novel

Like playing Minecraft or building with LEGOs? Kazu Kibuishi says that sketching novels is not unlike those popular pastimes. In this step-by-step tutorial, the award-winning author/illustrator walks you through how to design your very own graphic novel.

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

Join in the fun with this "Perfect" beach read for kids

In this just-in-time-for-summer picture book, two furry friends work together to build a sandcastle the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Ages 14 and older

Art for a lifetime: Jerome T. White

This Cleveland-based artist models how to pursue a vision while giving back to your community.

Ages 14 and older

Jenny Han on the "All the Boys" movies, writing, and baking

Lara Jean's story is wrapping up, but the author behind it isn't slowing down.

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

Hungry for some fun with Mouse and friends?

If you give a mouse a cookie, you’ll never know what’s next—but it’s sure to leave a smile on your face.

Ages 4 and under

Spread kindness, love, and creativity with Kat & Juju

An unlikely friendship between a little girl named Kat and a bird called Juju sets the stage for fun to be had and lessons to be learned.

Ages 10-13, ages 14 and older

The ball’s in your court: How to transform real life into a cartoon

Imagine discovering a story that was so epic, you felt like you had no choice but to spend five years of your life devoted to it. That’s precisely what happened to cartoonist Gene Luen Yang, as he explains in this video.

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

If dogs and cats could talk, what would they say?

Inspired by a beloved storybook from her childhood and her adopted pooch Harry, Allyn Howard penned her own book about dogs and cats called "What They Said."

Ages 5-9

Stand up for what’s right: “I am Rosa Parks”

Ages 5-9
This biography about one of the greatest painters of all time reminds us that the more questions you ask, the more answers you’ll find.

Ages 14 and older

Writer’s workshop: How the author of the "Divergent" series finds inspiration

Novelist Veronica Roth shares perspective and two exercises that will get your creative mind working.

Ages 5-9

Candace, Candace, in your spring dress, how does your garden grow?

In this author read-along from the second book in the Candace series, be on the lookout for a very important lesson, but also for Candace’s special friend Harry the hamster. He’s hiding on every page—can you spot the cute little guy?

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

Short, long, curly, straight… we think that your hair looks great!

Self-published author Heather Burris encourages all little girls and boys—she calls them princesses and princes—to rock their crowns with confidence. As she notes, that’s really where true beauty lies.

Ages 5-9

Go behind the scenes and sing along with the gang from "Tumble Leaf"

A bouncy, upbeat tune and a making-of documentary welcome you inside the sweet world of this animated show for preschool kids.

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

Keep cool, keep kind, and keep rocking with Pete the Cat

When Pete and his crew start singing, kids (and grown-ups, too!) can’t help but tap their toes and nod their heads along to the groovy tunes. Some of the people behind the musically driven series recorded a few songs that should sound familiar to all you Pete fans out there.

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

Have a smashing good time with "The Stinky and Dirty Show"

Why would you want to be fresh and clean when being stinky and dirty is so much fun?

All ages

Amazonians making beautiful music together

Tune in to hear performances by the talented musicians of the Amazon Symphony Orchestra and the Amazon Winds ensemble.

Ages 5-9

Where there’s smoke, there’s… bubbles!

Ages 4 and under, ages 5-9

More than a fairy tale: What modern-day princesses (and princes) should know

Once upon a time, there was a princess who learned she could be anything she wanted to be. With determination and plenty of hard work, she created her own future, and lived happily ever after!
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