Illustrating a point: Amulet creator shows how to design a graphic novel

Anyone who’s a fan of the popular Amulet series is familiar with the characters Emily, Miskit, Leon Redbeard, and Navin. Would you believe that Kazu Kibuishi, the author and illustrator behind the first eight books, is so familiar with those characters that he can draw a page featuring all four of them—detailed, no less—in just five minutes?!

Here, Kibuishi teaches the basics of creating a graphic novel, beginning with a live illustration of these four beloved characters. With drawing secrets, step-by-step demonstrations, and tips for designing your own comic, you’ll get the inside scoop on how to write and illustrate page-turners as visually engaging as Amulet.

The graphic designer-turned-illustrator is quick to point out, though, that his characters have taken years to develop and fine-tune. In fact, he equates drawing to shooting free throws. “The more I do it,” says Kibuishi, “the more muscle memory takes over.”

Moral of that story? Don’t get discouraged if it takes quite a few tries to get your drawings just right. After all, it’s taken Kibuishi eight books’ worth of mechanical rabbits, talking foxes, and giant robots to perfect that impressive five-minute sketch we mentioned earlier.

Ready to try your hand at a graphic novel? Practice drawing these coloring pages from Kazu Kibuishi. Print, finish, and enjoy!

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