Jenny Han on the "All the Boys" movies, writing, and baking

Readers of the bestselling To All the Boys I've Loved Before trilogy have watched the story come to life on-screen, with actors Lana Condor and Noah Centineo starring as the couple at the center of the books, Lara Jean and Peter. If you're caught up on the second movie that came out earlier this year, then you're probably eagerly awaiting the third and last film, Always and Forever, Lara Jean, set during Lara Jean's senior year of high school.

"I think the fans are going to be really happy with the third [movie]," says Jenny Han, the bestselling author behind the teenage romance novels. "It's a really nice way to close out Lara Jean and Peter's story." If you were hoping to find out a release date for that film, you won't get it here—Han's lips are sealed. But in this Fishbowl with Amazon senior books editor Seira Wilson, Han shares her experience on the set of the movies, what she would say to her teenage self, why she bakes, and how writing ideas come to her.

Han joined Amazon senior books editor Seira Wilson for a Fishbowl. Amazon Fishbowls are a unique, internal speaker and performance series that connects Amazon employees with authors, musicians, filmmakers, and other prominent figures. They’ve been around for many years and are called Fishbowls because guests are surrounded by excited Amazonians—kind of like a fish in a fishbowl! Fishbowls originated in our Seattle offices, but now they’re regularly livestreamed to be available to our global employees (and we’ve pivoted to all livestream Fishbowls during these times).

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