The "Perfect" beach read for kids with Anna Kang

There’s a saying that goes like this: “Perfect is the enemy of good.” What in the world does that mean? Basically that implies that sometimes when we try to make something perfect (which is impossible to do), we may end up trying so hard that we prevent ourselves from making it good.

It Is (Not) Perfect is the latest book from the award-winning author Anna Kang and illustrator Christopher Weyant. It's the fifth and latest installment of Kang's and Weyant's You Are (Not) Small series, published by Two Lions, the children's picture book imprint of Amazon Publishing. In this video, the author invites you to join her as she reads It Is (Not) Perfect, in which a couple of buddies learn that, sometimes, simple is even better than perfect.

Follow along as the pals build a basic sandcastle. As more of their friends arrive, everybody has an opinion on how to make their sandcastle perfect. Ultimately, they decide that their creation needs more towers, more arches, more windows, more stairs, more gates… more everything! The animals end up creating an over-the-top palace that’s the sandcastle of all sandcastles. But just as they pose to take a picture of it—SPLASH! A huge wave wipes out all of their hard work.

Fortunately, the book doesn’t end on a sad (and sandy!) note. We won’t spoil it for you, so watch through to the very end of the read-along to see the super-sweet twist that gives the main characters the perfect ending they were hoping for all along.

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