Let your passion take flight: “I am Amelia Earhart”

When Brad Meltzer set out to write I am Amelia Earhart, the first title in his Ordinary People Change the World series of nonfiction books for children, he had a single goal in mind: He wanted his kids to have better heroes to look up to. Instead of idolizing the stars of social media who were famous simply for being famous, he wanted his children to have role models who championed causes, showed bravery, and exhibited perseverance, kindness, and compassion. Perhaps more than anything, through his writing, Meltzer hoped that he could teach his kids and other young readers what it meant to be a good person.

What began as a passion project in 2014 has since exploded. Today, more than 3.5 million copies from Meltzer’s historical biography series have sold, highlighting important figures from around the world, from Abraham Lincoln and Billie Jean King to Sacagawea and Gandhi.

In this read-along video, the bestselling author introduces you to Amelia Earhart. Have you heard of her before? As you’ll discover in this picture book, Amelia Earhart was an incredibly brave pilot who, from the time she was a little girl, refused to take no for an answer. When people told Amelia Earhart she couldn’t do something simply because she was a girl, guess how that made her feel? It made her even more determined to prove those people wrong!

Amelia Earhart would eventually become the first female pilot to fly all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. But as you’ll learn in the book, even she admitted to a secret: “I wasn’t a natural. I wasn’t the best pilot. I just worked harder than anyone else. Most important… I dared to do what so many said couldn’t be done.” How’s that for determination?!

As Amelia Earhart reminds us, the greatest thing you ever do is often the thing nobody else has ever tried before.

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