Heather Burris reads "Hair Like Me"

In early 2018, Heather Burris had an experience with her then 4-year-old daughter, Autumn, that inspired her to write her first children’s book. Based on the mother-daughter duo’s own true story, Hair Like Me explores the importance of modeling for Black children and living the lives we want our children to experience. As the author noted, “As a mother to a little Black girl, I felt compelled to be Autumn's mirror, and I knew it was time for a change.”

Kids, join in the fun—and parents, join in to embrace a powerful lesson—as Heather reads her book aloud. In the picture book, you’ll meet Autumn. Autumn loves to imitate Mommy… what she wears, her hobbies, her mannerisms, you name it. Before bedtime one night, Autumn watches as her mom washes and styles her naturally curly hair to be long and straight.

“You look beautiful, Mommy! Just like a princess,” remarked Autumn. “I want princess hair like yours!”

Mommy couldn’t sleep that night. She knew all too well how Autumn felt. As a little girl, she, too, had been made to feel different because of her short, curly hair, and she’d yearned to look more like the other kids. Lying awake in bed, Mommy knew exactly what she had to do. To teach Autumn an important lesson, she would need to lead by example.

Can you guess what Autumn’s mom did the very next day? Watch the video read-along to find out the big change Mommy made that brought the biggest smile to Autumn’s face.

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