Kat & Juju make a flipbook with Kataneh Vahdani

Kat and Juju is the first children’s book from award-winning animation director, Kataneh Vahdani. The book is published by Two Lions, the children's picture book imprint of Amazon Publishing. In this sweet story, readers learn that Kat loves to draw and is very creative, but sometimes she feels shy and doubts herself, worried about how others may judge her. Can you relate to how Kat sometimes feels? Do you ever doubt yourself? (It’s completely normal to feel that way.)

One day, on Kat’s birthday, she meets an egg-shaped bird named Juju. Juju is a bold and adventurous risk-taker who doesn’t worry at all about what others think of him. Juju wants to inspire Kat to remain true to the person she is, but also to believe that she’s stronger and braver than she thinks.

Together, Kat and Juju have so many fun adventures! Would you like to meet them? In this video, the author of the picture book invites you to not just meet this duo, but also to help them create a flip-book—that’s a series of illustrations bound together in order so that, when you flip through the pages, it looks like the drawings are moving.

Get your sketchbook out to draw (or simply watch along!) as the author sketches the story of what happens when Kat and Juju come across a soaking-wet bird that needs their help. In addition to creating a cool flip-book, you’ll learn an important lesson about friendship, kindness, and having courage in yourself.

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