Why you shouldn't worry about making mistakes when you draw

You might start giggling even before Ryan T. Higgins finishes his drawing of Penelope Rex in this video, with her giant head, tiny neck, and cute little overalls. If you don't know Penelope, she's one of the characters in Ryan's very funny picture book called We Don't Eat Our Classmates.

Sitting in his cottage by a lake in Maine, Ryan shows you from start to finish how he draws Penelope, as well as Bruce the Bear, the somewhat grumpy star of his Mother Bruce picture books. He starts with a simple drawing in black and white, and then shows how he colors it in.

You'll see that sometimes even a really good artist like Ryan messes up when he's drawing. Do you ever worry about making mistakes when you're drawing? He does, too. But, he says, mistakes are how you learn and get better at something. And sometimes, the mistake you make will look even better than what you meant to do! In fact, some of our biggest successes at Amazon come from making mistakes and learning from them. Making mistakes is a necessary part of making something great!

"When I draw in books, I will take four or five hours to draw Penelope," Ryan says. "For you, I'm doing this in just a couple minutes." Whether he does them fast or slow, Ryan's drawings look pretty great to us.

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