AWS Builders Fair - Magic Wand

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a division of Amazon that provides cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies, and governments around the world. AWS embraces all sorts of technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), natural language processing, and robotics.

The AWS team encourages everyone to be a builder, to learn and be curious, and to use AWS products and services to explore the Art of the Possible. In this video, AWS has an important challenge for you to complete.

Pretend that you’re a wizard in Cloud Kingdom. Your mission is to save the kingdom from the dragon that’s attacking it. There’s a castle in front of you, and there are magic gemstones on the castle to help you cast a spell with your wand. To defeat the dragon, arrange the magic gemstones on the castle, and program your wand with a spell. The spell will be activated if you hit the gemstones in the correct pattern. Up, down, left, right… can you put up the shield to protect the castle?

Are you interested in building your own magic wand? If your parent or guardian is an Amazon employee, please have them follow these steps to be considered for Beta testing: go to the internal Amazon Wiki site, search for “Magic Wand Interest” and sign up to learn more!

Virtual Kids Week activities are intended for children with involvement from a parent or guardian.