Many of the people who work at Amazon are also talented musicians who take time to practice complex musical pieces and then perform them together. How do they sound? Check out these concerts to find out!

The first recording is of the Magic Flute Overture by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous Austrian composer who lived from 1756 to 1791. The Amazon Symphony Orchestra performed this piece during its Season of Giving concert in November 2019.

The Magic Flute is an opera, which is a stage drama where all of the dialogue is sung, rather than spoken. This piece is the opening to that opera, which features magical instruments, serpents, and sorcerers!

Amazon Symphony Orchestra - Magic Flute Overture 

Amazon also has a group of musicians who play wind instruments (that is, instruments you blow into, like flutes and trumpets). Alongside percussionists (musicians who play instruments such as drums and cymbals), the wind players often perform band standards and popular pieces. This recording is from the Amazon Winds’ first-ever concert in October 2019, performing Second Suite in F by Gustav Holst, a composer from England who lived from 1874 to 1934. This suite is composed of four movements (or sections), each inspired by English folk songs and dances.

Amazon Winds - Second Suite in F 

About Musicians@Amazon

The group Musicians@Amazon offers musicians and music lovers a creative outlet, and provides a central way to learn about music-related experiences within Amazon, including participating as a musician or enjoying a performance or event. Musicians@Amazon also helps musicians find the resources they need to rehearse and perform, such as rehearsal space, equipment, and more.

Amazon has a musical group for anyone who sings or plays an instrument, covering many genres of music. For Amazonians who love to sing, we have Vocally Self Critical, an a cappella group that covers pop and other fun repertoire. If you enjoy orchestral music, the Amazon Symphony Orchestra is for you; learn more about the ensemble here on the Amazon Blog. For wind players and percussionists, Amazon Winds is an ensemble that focuses on band standards and pops pieces. And if you’re into jazz, the Think Big Band gathers to jam on jazz standards. Our groups aim to be inclusive of all experience levels and welcome all members, even if your instrument has been collecting dust for years!

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