Bringing the zoo to you: all about greater one-horned rhinos

Chad, a zookeeper at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, has two very special friends he’d like you to meet. Taj and Glenn are greater one-horned rhinos. Also known as Indian rhinos, these massive mammals currently weigh about 3,000 pounds, so they’ll end up doubling in size by the time they’re adults.

Rhinos like Taj and Glenn are herbivores, which means they eat mostly plants. At the zoo, these two will eat about 60 pounds of fruits and veggies each day. (It looks like they really like sweet potatoes, doesn’t it?)

A rhino’s horn can grow as long as 25 inches. It’s made out of the same material that your fingernails are made from: a protein called keratin. Unfortunately, rhinos have been hunted by people who want to steal their horns. Around the world, laws are in place to help put an end to illegal wildlife trafficking. In this video, Chad explains some important steps we all can take to help protect once-threatened species like the greater one-horned rhino.

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