How to make stress-relief balls at home

Stress-relief balls can be a great way to explore textures, enhance motor skills, and (of course) ease stress. In this video tutorial, Ms. Katie, a first-grade teacher, shows you how making these handy accessories can be a fun activity for families to try together.

What you'll need:

● A balloon
● A funnel
● Something to fill the ball with, such as flour, cornstarch, rice, beans, or water beads

What's great about these homemade balls is you can choose materials to create a wide range of sensory experiences. Beyond flour or cornstarch, you could try adding rice, water beads, beans, sand, salt, or a mixture of fillings. Using a variety of materials not only lends a range of tactile qualities, but it can also make different noises as you handle the ball. Another way to change up the mix is to add scent by introducing essential oils to your fillings.

You might be thinking that getting flour or cornstarch into a balloon is easier said than done—and you'd be right. Fortunately, Ms. Katie has a few tricks up her sleeve to make it easy, along with ideas for engaging kids in the process along the way. And if things get just a little messy? Hey, that's part of the fun.

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