How to make your very own sensory bag

Sensory bags can give kids a fun, hands-on activity, helping them learn about new ideas and let out some extra-squishy energy. In this video tutorial, Ms. Katie, a first-grade teacher, walks you through how to make both an ocean-themed sensory bag swimming with sea creatures, as well as an alphabet bag filled with colorful sprinkles and letter beads.

What you'll need:

● Hair gel or candy sprinkles
● A plastic zip bag, preferably one that has a press-seal rather than a slider
● Small toys or craft items such as figurines or letter tiles
● Duct tape or thick tape
● Two-ring binder (optional)

You can use a gallon or quart size for your bags, depending on your preference, and fill them up about one-fifth of the way with your base material (either hair gel or sprinkles). Next, incorporate your add-ins, such as letter beads, toys, or figurines.

Once you’ve filled your bag with goodies, there are a couple of safeguards you can put in place to make sure your newly created sensory experience doesn't end up outside the bag and all over the place. (What would we do without tape?!)

Finally, Ms. Katie shares an ingenious tip for turning a bunch of different bags into a sensory "book" that can build pre-literacy skills—and make all of your creations portable, to boot. Watch Ms. Katie's demo to get all the details.

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