Watch the story behind our first four-legged friend, Rufus! 

Before the pandemic, on any given workday at Amazon, you'd see plenty of dogs joining their humans in the Seattle offices. In fact, it wouldn’t have been unusual to see thousands of these unofficial coworkers at Amazon. But in 1996, there was only one dog, and his name was Rufus. His parents asked for permission to bring this little Welsh corgi with them to work when Amazon was just starting out. Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezos, said OK—after all, the "office" back then was a big warehouse outside of town.

Rufus is a big part of the reason Amazon is so dog-friendly today. His irresistible charm made him quite popular: He sat under the table at meetings, went in search of treats from his officemates, and even turned on new versions of the Amazon website by dropping his paw on the computer keyboard.

Soon, other people began asking to bring their dogs in, too. And when Amazon began to expand and move into a real office building, the company arranged to allow dogs as part of the lease. In this video, you'll see a cartoon of Rufus and learn more about his story. When you've finished watching, don't miss these coloring pages featuring Rufus having all kinds of adventures.

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