Living wall

Most plants you see live either in the ground outside or in pots around the house. At The Spheres, which is part of Amazon's headquarters in Seattle, thousands of plants live on a giant wall stretching 65 feet tall—higher than any ladder could reach. How did those plants get there?

One of the keys to growing the living wall is choosing the right kinds of plants. The ones being grown here are epiphytes; that’s a big word that simply refers to plants that grow on top of other plants. In nature, that might be moss, but on the living wall, it’s actually a fabric very similar to what your backpack straps or tennis shoes might be made out of.

In this video, Justin, a horticulturist—that’s someone who learns about plants and uses that knowledge to grow plants healthy and strong— shows you the secret to making a wall filled with plants, along with how his team keeps them thriving.

As you’ll see, you can’t be afraid of heights if you’re going to take care of a plant wall this tall!

The Spheres’ living wall by the numbers

  • Height: 65 feet
  • Width: 55 feet
  • Number of individual plants: 25,000
  • Number of epiphyte species: 125
  • Number of fabric panels on the wall: 330
  • Number of mornings each week dedicated to keeping the wall healthy: 3

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