Cooking with chef Eric Tanaka: Let’s make fried rice

Every year on Christmas Day, chef Eric Tanaka, the partner and executive chef of Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen, and his extended family cook and then enjoy a heaping platter of fried rice. In this video tutorial, he and his son and daughter show us how to re-create this beloved dish at home.

Start by sizzling some bacon, and then add some freshly cooked rice. You’ll want to separate, but not mash, each grain. Next, incorporate some onions and black pepper to help balance out the salty bacon. Once the bacon and rice begin to crisp up, it’s time to add a little ketchup. Finally, as that pan sizzles away, fry a couple eggs in a separate pan.

Transfer your perfectly crisp rice mixture to a platter, top it with the eggs, and there you have a simple but flavorful weeknight dish that’s fit for a family feast.

Download the recipe: Tanaka family fried rice

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