Boost your ramen with Tom Douglas

Chef Eric Tanaka, nicknamed “ET,” is the partner and executive chef of Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen, a community-based restaurant group that works with Amazon in and around the Seattle campus. Along with his son and daughter, chef Tanaka invites us into the kitchen to see how his family gives basic ramen noodles a culinary makeover.

Ramen, “one of the world’s greatest inventions,” according to chef Tanaka, can easily be jazzed up by incorporating ingredients you can find at nearly any Asian market. He suggests first building flavor into your broth with mushrooms and dried seaweed. Once your broth and noodles are bubbling, up your ramen game by adding cabbage, smoked salmon, daikon radish, kimchi, fried garlic, and even an “octopus” hot dog.

In this step-by-step tutorial, chef Tankaka shows you a simple plan to make this flavor-packed dish alongside your own family. We can almost guarantee that this upgraded ramen recipe will be good to the last slurp!

Download the recipe: upgraded instant ramen

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