In this video tutorial, chef Tom Douglas, the James Beard award winner and innovative culinary force behind Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen, a community-based restaurant group that works with Amazon in and around the Seattle campus, lets his daughter Loretta take the lead in cooking one of her favorite dishes: baked macaroni and cheese. As chef Douglas’ daughter explains, on nights when you have a few extra minutes and some extra ingredients on hand—think goat cheese, bacon, garlic, nutmeg, and fresh peas—you can upgrade your pasta game from pretty good to positively scrumptious.

The father-daughter duo walks us through the recipe, highlighting good-to-know cooking tips along the way. And you won’t want to miss the near-final step of the dish: Looking at the sauce, it’s no wonder Loretta describes it as “cheese heaven.” We have to imagine that even the pickiest little eaters will be begging for seconds once this ooey-gooey delight hits the dinner table.

So gather up your ingredients and a sous-chef or two, and get ready to upgrade your mac and cheese game for good.

Download the recipe: baked macaroni and cheese

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