Learn to make pancakes with Tom Douglas

When it comes to making pancakes, the James Beard award winner and innovative culinary force behind Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen, a community-based restaurant group that works with Amazon in and around the Seattle campus, keeps it pretty traditional. That said, chef Douglas still has a handful of griddle tricks (Don’t overmix! When in doubt, add more butter!) up his sleeve.

In this video tutorial, he teams up with a sous-chef-in-training named Michaela. Together, this duo walks us through the steps to preparing, flipping, and serving up the perfect pancakes. Just wait until you see the way chef Douglas tops his finished dish: As if the pancakes weren’t delicious enough with just butter and maple syrup, he and Michaela load on chocolate chips and bacon, to boot.

So grab your appetite and your resident helpers, and dig into this video tutorial. Once you try these fluffy, decadently topped hotcakes, we have a feeling they’ll tradition into a Sunday morning staple at your home.

Download the recipe: Seattle Kitchen pancakes

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