Cooking with chef Tom Douglas: Pizza hand pies

In the mood for a crust-enclosed, personalize-as-you-wish midday treat? According to chef Douglas, the James Beard award winner and innovative culinary force behind Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen, a community-based restaurant group that works with Amazon in and around the Seattle campus, you can’t go wrong with a hand pie.

In this step-by-step video tutorial, the prolific restaurateur and cookbook author dices veggies, shapes the dough, and cooks the pies alongside his young friend Michaela. Together, they share plenty of kitchen tips, chopping strategies, and other advice to help you and your at-home helpers bake a hand pie that’s stuffed, sealed, and baked in less than 30 minutes.

If your stomach wasn’t already rumbling, just wait until you see the golden-brown goodness that chef Douglas and his helper pull from the oven. Whether you opt for a kale and bologna version or a pie filled with carrots, leeks, and cheese, you simply can’t go wrong with this surprisingly simple but impossibly delectable dish.

Download the recipe: pizza hand pies

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