Cooking with Pamela Hinckley: Hummus

Technically, Pamela Hinckley is the CEO of Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen, a community-based restaurant group that works with Amazon in and around the Seattle campus. What’s more, she’s one of the few female restaurant group CEOs in the country. But as Pamela points out in this video, she also holds an unofficial title in the company. Any guesses what that might be? (Here’s a hint: Take a look at what Pamela’s wearing around her neck.)

That’s right! She’s also the company’s “chief vegetable officer.” As such, Pamela has teamed up with a junior helper named Reese to teach us how to “eat the rainbow.” Together this duo shows us how to whip up a batch of hummus and then pair the dip with a bounty of colorful, fresh veggies for dipping.

Pamela opts to make her chickpea spread the modern way, using a food processor. Meanwhile, Reese has a smashing good time making her homemade hummus just like people in the Mediterannean made it 1,000 years ago, using a mortar and pestle—and a fair share of muscle power. With just a few extra ingredients, their dips are complete and ready to be decorated.

As Pamela explains, when it comes time to serve your food, presentation is key because we eat with our eyes. One of the most fun things about this hummus is that it can be completely personalized to suit individual tastes. Serve it with bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, blueberries, pita, or yummy homemade cheese crackers.

There’s no wrong way to “eat the rainbow,” especially when your colorful creation is paired with this good-for-you and oh-so-good-tasting hummus. So go ahead, get creative, and dip away!

Download the recipe: eat-the-rainbow hummus and homemade cheese crackers

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