The best, most rewarding part of my job is connecting people with a role where they will thrive and grow. We have tens of thousands of opportunities, and my team works obsessively to improve the experience for those who want to come join us. That means helping candidates save time when navigating our open positions and—most importantly—giving them choices when it comes to relevant roles.

With this idea in mind, we developed Best Fit. It is a totally new way for software engineers to find the job that best fits their interests and working styles. We offer candidates choice and reverse the process: instead of having job applicants do their own research about what teams they would like to be part of, we have these teams pitch our future employees the roles that they have open.

This new solution has two main benefits for applicants.

First, candidates interested in software engineering jobs at Amazon only have to apply once and are automatically considered for thousands of different jobs in this field across hundreds of teams within the company—including some roles they may not have even thought of. Today, we have more than 10,000 open positions for software engineers in the U.S.—from roles supporting Alexa to new teams working on the next feature for Amazon Fashion. Often, going through all of these job postings and applying to the ones of most interest to a candidate can be overwhelming. Some might even give up before finding the job that they are really looking for.

Second, we ask candidates to define their ideal job—from their tech stack and domains of interest, to their preferred location, to the kind of team they are looking for and their working style. After passing an online assessment and interviews, we present candidates with multiple matches—both in the fields they prefer, but also in new areas in which we think they would be successful. Candidates get to meet all the hiring managers, and then they get to choose their preferred role. This is a totally new way of finding a job. We believe that pairing a candidate with a team that fits their working style—and personal interests—will help them be more successful and accelerate their career.

We are encouraged by the initial feedback that we’ve heard from job seekers. “At former companies, I didn’t have a choice on what I worked on,” said Ihar Simanovich, a software developer working in Amazon Shipping. “Amazon offered me multiple job opportunities, and I chose to work directly with customers. I can now point out something to my kids and say, ‘I am working on that,’ with pride.”

Each year, we see interest from people around the world who want to come work at Amazon—LinkedIn recently named us the company where most Americans want to work and develop their career. We continue to hire, and currently have tens of thousands of open positions, globally.

We are on a journey to make Amazon Earth’s Best Employer, and one of the many ways we are working toward this goal is inventing new ways for candidates of all backgrounds to easily access the job that will help them grow. If you are a software engineer and want to try an easier, quicker, and less stressful experience to apply for a new job, apply now.