Airport crews unloading cargo.
Crews unload disaster relief from Amazon's first flight to the Bahamas. On flights to Nassau and Freeport, more than 400,000 requested relief supplies donated by Amazon and Amazon customers reached Hurricane Dorian victims in the Bahamas.

Amazon’s disaster relief and response

Amazon is uniquely positioned to respond quickly to natural disasters. Here's how we do it.
Our mission is clear—to provide immediate relief and respond to global communities impacted by natural disasters. From catastrophic hurricanes to raging wildfires, our disaster relief and response efforts leverage Amazon’s vast operational excellence, innovative technologies, and worldwide logistics network to provide fast and effective support to worldwide operations fighting large-scale natural disasters.

Amazon has filled cargo jets and shipped truckloads of Amazon-donated items for communities ravaged by hurricanes, sent solar powered lights to people living without power after tsunamis, enabled customers to donate easily products and cash on and Alexa devices, and helped governments and nonprofits expedite response efforts at scale through our AWS cloud services.

When a disaster strikes, we are ready. We remain focused, agile, and dedicated to respond directly to challenges that may arise in the face of a natural disaster. Since 2017, we’ve formed relationships and collaborated with nonprofits and armed them with needed resources to enhance on-the-ground relief and response efforts across communities around the world. Because ultimately, their success is our success.

Here's what some of our nonprofit partners have to say.
  1. American Red Cross

    "Corporations, like Amazon, play a critical role in today's disaster response and recovery landscape. In response to recent disasters, Amazon helped build and support critical IT platforms, supported nationwide supply chain efforts, mobilized employee volunteers, and partnered to help raise critical financial resources via customer donations. When a large disaster happens, we experience an outpouring of interest from the public to donate used goods (clothing, toys, etc.). This creates significant logistical challenges and added expense for our disaster operations. Amazon Smile Charity List helps us address this issue by redirecting public interest from donating used goods to selecting items we’ve identified for specific alignment with our operations and the needs of the people impacted by the disaster. We’re honored to count Amazon as one of our most valued partners and are grateful for their continued support."

    -Trevor Riggen, senior vice president, Disaster Cycle Services at the American Red Cross
  2. International Medical Corps

    “Amazon’s swift and generous support equipped our teams with the resources they needed to respond quickly and effectively to families in crisis after Hurricane Dorian. Amazon’s delivery of supplies ensured that our first responders could focus on meeting the most urgent needs on the ground, helping communities recover and rebuild.”

    – Nancy Aossey, president & CEO, International Medical Corps
  3. Save the Children

    “The products that Amazon donated to Save the Children in 2019 helped children in crisis in North Carolina and Mozambique have their basic needs met during very difficult circumstances. Ensuring children had hygiene items, lights, school supplies and other essentials brought smiles to their faces and eased the stress of their situation. Thank you, Amazon!”

    – Dawn Nunn, director of gift-in-kind, Save the Children
  4. Mercy Corps

    "Hurricane Dorian was one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes on record, pummeling The Bahamas for more than 48 hours in early September and causing massive destruction across the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama. Thanks to generous support from partners like Amazon and Amazon customers, Mercy Corps was able to distribute essential emergency supplies, like solar lanterns and shelter materials, to over 4,500 people in the aftermath of the hurricane and continues to provide clean water to thousands of people daily."

    – Pete Sweetnam, team leader in the Bahamas, Mercy Corps
  5. Help.NGO

    “With the AWS Disaster Response Team and Snowball Edge, we were able to gather, understand, and distribute drone imagery faster in the Bahamas. Having AWS at the edge enables us to process data rapidly on-site, and quickly give mission-critical information to humanitarian decision makers.”

    -Brendan Harvey, executive director, Help.NGO
  6. Humanitarian Open Street Map Team

    “AWS has helped to power everything HOT does, from our data processing pipelines to our flagship Tasking Manager tool. HOT's technologies and tools engage 200,000 individuals to remote map vulnerable communities around the world who are susceptible to natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and other humanitarian crises. But the innovation behind HOT and AWS's partnership, and the piece we believe is so powerful, comes from engaging AWS employees directly in HOT's work -- AWS employees have participated in mapathons, where they have been able to put entire communities on the map in just a matter of hours and ensure these communities’ needs are taken into consideration in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.”

    - Jessica Bergmann, partnerships associate, Humanitarian Open Street Map Team (HOT)
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