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How our scientists are making Alexa smarter
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We fundamentally believe that scientific innovation is essential to being the most customer-centric company in the world. It’s this ability to have an impact at scale that allows us to attract some of the brightest minds in artificial intelligence and related fields.

Our scientists continue to publish, teach, and engage with the academic community, but one of the unique aspects of research at Amazon is our working backwards method applied to science.

Each research project starts with a customer pain point and a description of how a scientific solution will improve the customer experience.

6 things that make Amazon a "Best Workplace for Innovators"

Innovation takes place as a part of everyday work. Everyone at Amazon is a builder, and everyone is here because of their desire to deconstruct, and create, on behalf of our customers.

Meet Scout

Field testing a new delivery system with Amazon Scout.

  • Knowledge management and data quality
    DEEQU - Data Quality Validation for Machine Learning Pipelines
    Author: Sebastian Schelter, Philipp Schmidt, Tammo Rukat, Mario Kiessling, Andrey Taptunov, Felix Biessmann, Dustin Lange
    Conference: NeurIPS 2018
    Our research

  • Software systems and engineering
    Continual Learning in Practice
    Author: Tom Diethe, Tom Borchert, Eno Thereska, Borja de Balle Pigem, Cedric Archambeau, Neil Lawrence
    Conference: NeurIPS 2018
    Our research

  • ML algorithms and theory
    Facilitating Bayesian Continual Learning by Natural Gradients and Stein Gradients
    Author: Yu Chen, Tom Diethe, Neil Lawrence
    Conference: NeurIPS 2018
    Our research

  • ML algorithms and theory
    Mutual Information Guided Distillation for Transfer Learning
    Author: Sung-soo Ahn, Shell Hu, Zhenwen Dai, Andreas Damianou, Neil D. Lawrence
    Conference: NeurIPS 2018
    Our research

  • Conversational AI
    Flexible and Scalable State Tracking for Goal-Oriented Dialog Systems
    Author: Rahul Goel, Tagyoung Chung, Dilek Hakkani-tur, Shachi Paul, Jeremie Lecomte
    Conference: NeurIPS 2018
    Our research

  • Natural language processing
    Improving Hospital Mortality Prediction with Medical Named Entities and Multimodal Learning
    Author: Mengqi Jin, Mohammad Taha Bahadori, Aaron Colak, Parminder Bhatia, Busra Celikkaya, Matthieu Liger, Taha Kass-hout
    Conference: NeurIPS 2018
    Our research
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