The circular economy
In 2016 we launched Amazon's first nationwide initiative with Feeding America in our North American Fulfillment Centers to donate excess food to Feeding America, a U.S.-based non-profit organization, whose mission is to feed America's hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks.
Circular economy
We work to redefine the “take, make, dispose” model of consumption to eliminate waste at every turn – for our business and our customers.

Investing in recycling solutions to protect the planet

Amazon’s $10 million investment will help Closed Loop Fund improve recycling for millions of households.

Our retail efforts

Amazon strives to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. That means Amazon works every day to innovate for our customers, and to be the most transparent and lowest environmental impact shopping experience on the planet.

E-waste and recycling

Amazon supports the responsible disposal and recycling of electronics products. To encourage our customers to recycle their Amazon devices, we offer free shipping for this purpose.

Amazon food donations

Amazon’s grocery businesses – Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry – and our Prime Now delivery services allow our customers to fit grocery shopping into their routines and improve their busy lives.
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Amazon's urban campus

Several years ago we outgrew our space in Seattle and we made a conscious choice to invest in downtown Seattle—even though it would have been cheaper to move to the suburbs.

Frustration-free packaging

We've all had wrap rage going head-to-head with packaging that's impossible to open, excessive for the product, or destined only for landfills. So in 2008 we set out to solve the problem.

Responsible sourcing

Amazon is strongly committed to conducting its business in a lawful and ethical manner, including engaging with suppliers that are committed to the same principles.
Diversity and inclusion
Amazon’s mission is to be the earth’s most customer-centric company, and this mission is central to our work in diversity and inclusion.
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