Sustainable packaging is a top priority at Amazon. Whether the package you’re holding in your hands is a cardboard box or a flexible mailer, we’re rapidly working to improve it. We’re shrinking our packages to fit what you ordered more often, using less material to make them, and increasing the amount of recycled content.

We’re also working to reinvent our sustainable packaging options and introduce new types of packaging, like the fully recyclable paper padded mailer. When our packaging weighs less and is the right size to protect customer orders, we can pack more orders into each delivery—resulting in fewer trips and less fuel burned.

Amazon is committed to sustainability because we care about planet earth. We made a promise to meet The Climate Pledge and become net zero carbon by 2040, and we’re taking action now to ensure we keep that promise. Want to help us get there? Learn more about how to recycle your Amazon packaging and trade in, recycle, or repair Amazon and non-Amazon devices and products through Amazon Second Chance.