Below are frequently asked questions about Upskilling 2025. If you have more questions, refer to the resources section for more information.

  • What is Upskilling 2025?
    Over the next six years, Amazon is committing to train 100,000 employees through a $700 million investment. This is about a third of our US workforce. We’ll accomplish this by launching, scaling and investing in skills training programs that support employees across our corporate offices, tech hubs, fulfillment centers, retail stores and transportation networks.
  • Why is Amazon making this pledge?
    The American workforce is changing. There’s a greater need for technical skills in the workplace than ever before, and a huge opportunity for people with the right skills to move into better paying jobs.

    As a leading US employer, we have an important role to play in providing Amazonians with access to the education and training they need to grow their careers.

    Amazon already leads the way in pay with our $15 minimum wage, and we offer competitive benefits to our employees, including healthcare from day one and up to 20 weeks of parental leave.

    With this announcement, we want to ensure that our employees can make meaningful career changes into more technical roles, whether at Amazon or elsewhere, through training and career support.
  • Do employees pay to participate?
    All Amazon programs are paid in full by Amazon, and with Career Choice, Amazon pays up to 95% of tuition and fees toward certificates or diplomas.

  • How does the $700 million break down?
    We’re providing financial support to programs that are new – either in pilot form or formally launching – as well as investing in existing programs that are making a concrete difference in our employee’s career opportunities.

    We’re doubling down on these programs the same way that we do when we see successes in customer-facing products. It’s a bottoms-up approach that we believe will meet employees where they are and provide valuable skills training in a variety of roles.

    The investments range from tuition and curriculum development to technical systems and programs, digital learning platforms, e-learning licenses, headcount to build and manage programs, instructors, and more.
  • Who are the 100,000 employees benefitting from Upskilling 2025?
    These programs are for employees throughout the US, across all different job types and levels.
  • Where does the training happen? Are you opening more classrooms?
    It depends on the program. For some programs to be effective, we need to meet employees where they are, providing opportunities for our employees to be trained in classrooms located where they work. All of these programs are offered in sites across the US.

    Amazon Technical Academy and Machine Learning University are taught virtually and in on-site classrooms. Associate2Tech is conducted through digital training to accommodate FC schedules. Career Choice is held in on-site classrooms in FCs or local community colleges. We expect to reach 60 Career Choice classrooms by the end of 2020.