Amazon employees are always looking for ways to use our systems and scale to make the world a better place. Recently, that took the form of a major effort for National Shoe the World Day—which occurs on March 15.
An Amazon employee smiles as he stands in a delivery van filled with boxes of shoes.
The push started a couple of months back at MDT2 in North East, Maryland, when HR business partner Paul Linsner presented an engagement plan to Lindsey Mason, site leader for MDT2. He asked if we could make a small donation from our site alone, and I realized that the donation could be so much bigger,” Mason said.
Mason worked with Amazon employees from sites across the country—from California to Pennsylvania. Between 10 facilities, they were able to gather more than 70,000 pairs of shoes—mostly brand-new, overstock footwear, and donate them to organizations serving communities in need.
“While many of us take shoes for granted, this is a basic necessity that millions around the world— including within the U.S.—do not have access to,” Mason said.
National Shoe the World Day started in 2014 to increase awareness of the need for, and importance of, quality footwear for all.
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